The more people who have entrepreneurship spirit, the more the business owners are. The more the business owners are, the more the work field are. The more the work field are, the easier the society to choose the jobs that are preferable and suitable with their skills, also to choose the company that is capable to give the best service and welfare. Entrepreneurship is one of rational choices because it is independent, not depending to the availability of work field. It got government’s attention so entrepreneurship is planted since school.
SMK study program was special for the students who had certain interest and ready to work and open work field in accordance with the skills and talents. SMK students were asked to study in school and study in the work world with the actual practice in accordance with the studied field through the program of Pendidikan Sistem Ganda (PSG). Through PSG, hopefully the students could get knowledge, skills, and attitude change, so could supply themselves to choose, maintain and prepare themselves to enter the work world that was suitable with their potential (Depdikbud, 1999).
The forms of entrepreneurship for SMK students were various according to the chosen field, such as cooking, sewing, selling, mechanics, and printing house. Selling by opening restaurant, opening repair shop, opening sewing place were the kinds of entrepreneurship that could be chosen by SMK students. In fact, many graduates of SMK were not ready to work and became unemployment; some of them were workers or laborers. There were only few of them who were interested to be entrepreneurs (Kompas, 2004). It supported by Hartini’s research that stated that until now, among the graduates of SMK, there were not many of them were oriented and interested in working alone or became entrepreneurs with the owned knowledge. comments
Indonesian society tended to choose the jobs as official or government employees. Indirectly, formal or informal education in Indonesia was still not oriented to entrepreneurship. It was very possible because entrepreneurship did not become the country choice alternative yet in solving multidimensional crisis that attacked Indonesia. In family, most parents would be happier and felt successful in educating their children, if their children could be the official or government employees with the plain and continual income per month. The education in Indonesia also formed the students to become employees or working in a company. The society in Indonesia was more confident to work under others rather than being entrepreneurs. Besides, there was the tendency to avoid the failure risk and changed income (Wijaya, 2007). There was the tendency of society to see entrepreneurship as the last alternative in seeing a job vacancy. Culture to become a worker or employee in official or government institution still adhered to Indonesian society (Dalimunthe,


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