THE TESTING OF ENTREPRENEUR INTENTION MODEL OF SMK STUDENTS IN SPECIAL REGION OF YOGYAKARTA: INTRODUCTIONThe occurrence of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) in 2003 and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will motivate the businessmen in Southeast Asia competes freely and openly. That condition will involve the businessmen in Indonesia and broadly will influence the pattern and structure of workers. Meanwhile the workers’ condition in Indonesia is still concerned both from qualification and competence side. The development of Human Source has not shown the good result. Human Development Index in Indonesia in 1993 was 98 in sequence. In 2003, Indonesia was 112 in sequence from 174 countries and in 2004 was 111 in sequence. The result of the workers’ condition of the highness of Indonesian unemployment was not surprising.
Economic crisis had caused the businessmen in Indonesia were 5-7 years left behind compared with the businessmen from the other countries. It made the national economic competition capability experienced downgrading (World Economic Forum, 2003). The condition between the hope of business word repairing in Indonesia through work field was still far from the hope. It was indicated by the improvement of the unemployment rate from year to year. The highness of the unemployment rate in Indonesia was the empiric phenomenon that was happening. The work field that was limited had improved the unemployment rate. According to the data of Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), the number of the workers with no jobs until February 2008 achieved 10.9 million people. It was predicted that this number would improve if the new work field was not available. The workers with no jobs had various educational backgrounds. The graduate of senior high school was the highest, around 33.6% or 3,369,959 people, followed by the unemployment of the graduates of elementary school, junior high school, university, and the unemployment who had never entered school. credit
According to McClelland, a country will not improve if the entrepreneur is only 2% of the whole inhabitant. According to the report of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2005, Singapore had 7.2% entrepreneurs of it whole inhabitant. Meanwhile Indonesian entrepreneurs were 0.18% of it whole inhabitant. If the income per capita of Singapore was ten times higher than Indonesia, it was not surprising. According to Thurow, there was no institution that could replace the individual role of the business owners as the agent of social and economic change.
The effort to improve entrepreneurship is the key of the life perpetuity of most Indonesian people. The success of an effort depends on the entrepreneurs very much. The success of the business by the businessmen will improve economy and lessen unemployment. The important role of entrepreneurship in economic development of a country has been emphasized by various experts such as Drucker in a long time that proved the entrepreneur world of the biggest contributor of America economy as the creator of thousands of work field. The France economic experts such as Richard Cantilon and Jean Baptise, English such as JS Mill, Adam Smith, and Austria such as Carl Menger and Joseph Schumpeter declared that the entrepreneurs were the progressive economic change agents.

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